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Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday morning Lance Armstrong Sirius Faction Radio report: Re-run of April 17th, where Lance was riding in the Santa Monica mountains, with Higgs, Chris Carmichael and Dave Bolch. Lance told the lawyer joke while climbing with a heart rate of 168...

I hear the LAF Gala dinner and Auction last Friday was a huge success - lots of spirited bidding on items like a bright yellow LiveStrong surfboard. The big item of the evening was a day at the Tour for four people, which included riding with Johan in one team car, and riding with Dirk in the other team car. I guess the bidding went over $100k for this one! Lance said a few words at the beginning, as usual, and Chris Fowler emceed. Sheryl sang one of her songs and a good time was had by all....

Giro watching: Paolo retained his 25-second GC lead and Petacchi powered to the sprint win again. I saw Michael Barry and Volodymyr working hard to keep Paolo at the front in the final laps, safe from any crashes, and then they prudently dropped back a bit for the crazy sprint finish.... You should have seen the crowds getting onto the race course after the final rider finished for the podium presentations - it was a mob scene and jam-packed....

Got a note from Pete of His site offers lots of links for viewing the Giro... Check it out, great resource, and thanks, Pete....


  • From Sheryl's site :
    Sheryl plays at the LAF Gala Friday May 20th.

    Rumors of a ‘breakup’ were viewed about as realistic as world peace as some 800 people saw Sheryl and Lance together at the annual Lance Armstrong Foundation Gala in Austin, Texas on Friday night.

    The event recognised the success of selling 50 million Livestrong armbands and noted how instrumental Scott MacEachran of Nike was in reaching that goal. The Gala is also a celebration of the success of the LAF as a solid soldier pursuing the fight against cancer and in doing so, raised a ton of cash. As you can guess from that er...loose description..we don’t have the exact figures…however we did witness auctions for things like a trip to the Tour de France to hang out with the Discovery Team go for $205,000 and someone else paid $35,000 to be stripped of their dignity and be the focus of a “What Not to Wear’ episode.

    Auctions for real physical articles generated more funds and ranged from things like guitars (obtained with the help from SC) signed by Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, Sting and of course Sheryl….also on the block were boxing gloves signed by Muhammed Ali, shirts actually worn by Lance during the TdF…and of course a very trick carbon fibre Trek bike.

    At the end of the evening Sheryl along with Tim Smith and Peter Stroud played 4 acoustic emotion laden songs. ‘Strong Enough’… stripped down like never before…’I Know Why’ and ‘Wildflower’ 2 tracks to be on the as yet untitled forthcoming record slated for a Sept 26th release….and finally the driving upbeat ‘Winding Road’.

    To find out more about the Lance Armstrong Foundation go to , look for the Lance Armstrong Foundation logo, and click on it.


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