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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Il Falcon flies! Paolo takes Stage 11 of the Giro with a fantastic ride! He effing flew down one long descent and my heart jumped in my mouth on some of those technical turns. He stepped on the gas at the end and went right around Basso. Yesss! How sweeeet it was.... And sweet, also, to see Benoit out in front for some 100k, riding strong and easy. He may just be the workhorse that takes Eki’s place at the Tour. What an exciting finish... Cunego and just Simioni lost their gas. Paolo moves up to second in the GC...

Well, the podium victory bottle of champagne lost its fizz, but Paolo didn’t! I was yelling so loud at my computer monitor that my two cats, who usually hang out beside me during early morning cycling vigils, both got up and sat in the window across the room. Undeterred by their silent comment on my losing all decorum and dignity, I continued my vocal mission to help Paolo win the stage... OK, mission accomplished until tomorrow....


  • Don't forget Popovych's second-place today at Catalunya. He now leads the overall by 11 second.

    By Blogger Cosmo, At 1:16 PM  

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