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Sunday, May 15, 2005

How very cool that Zabriskie took the TT win at the Giro this morning! Z was looking so good at the Morgan Hill Grand Prix - strong and fast - and really confident. This is gonna be a good year for him... Paolo placed third - his descending skills bought him some time after he faltered a bit along the way. He was two seconds ahead of Basso at the first time check. They said that he had some kind of false start - maybe we’ll see it on the OLN Cyclysm this afternoon. He was 0.44 down at the finish. But, Paolo is also standing third in the GC right now....

I hear that Ryder really had the bad road rash after Friday’s crash. The quick shots that I saw on the OLN live-streaming showed the back of his jersey in tatters, and I bet his shorts were, too. It is so painful how they have to have their road rash scrubbed, really scrubbed hard, so get rid of any dirt and particularly any bacteria, etc from the road... It’s pretty brutal, but absolutely necessary.

I quickly glanced at a column in the SF Chron this morning by Gwen Knapp. I think she’s put her foot in her mouth before about Lance, but this time she wrote a long garbled piece about how Tiger Wood’s record-breaking streak of making the PGA cut 142 times (he just blew it) was better than several other records set by well-known athletes. She tried to diminish Lance’s record-breaking six consecutive Tour wins by saying, “Armstrong's six consecutive wins in the Tour de France has been phenomenal, but the previous record-holder, Miguel Indurain, finished his streak of five only four years before Armstrong won his first Tour”.... Huh? Did I miss something here? That makes it not as significant...?

What’s the point from Ms. SF Columnist who knows nothing about cycling except how to spell it? She said this about Tiger Woods, “It's a staggering achievement, unprecedented, thoroughly daunting, yet all it really represents is relentless competence. The most amazing thing about this streak is that it was so amazing.”


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