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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Short ‘n sweet today.... Looks like Paolo came in at 8th in Stage 5 of the Giro. I guess a bunch of the Discovery team got caught behind that crash yesterday, and contesting the stage was not in the cards.

Another Giro crash today in Stage 5 and I think it was Euskatel-Euskadie again - David Lopez... That team is leaving a lot of skin on the road... I saw a T-Mobile rider getting up from that same crash - the back of his kit was shredded pretty good - he got back on his bike very slowly and looked like he was really hurting - couldn’t tell who he was.... My live-straming connection kept freezing - I thinkit was my computer not OLN, but very annoying....Like swearing annoying...

Lance is nominated again for the Laureles World Sports award. I guess the ceremony is on Monday in Estoril, Portugal. I saw on news article that said he would be attending - maybe on his way back to Girona. It is about the time he will be heading back to start training there...

Don’t forget to check out the Wachovia Cycling Series site for my Velogal’s Wachovia Journal - they seem to be putting it up regularly now. Link below.... You can see the Wachovia USPRO finale on OLN Cyclysm on June 12th....


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