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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Kinda wandered in and out of the live-stream video of the Giro this morning. The one thing that is just awesome is the Italian scenery from the helicopter. Absolutely gorgeous shots yesterday and today - beautiful beaches and villages yesterday and beautiful, lush green countryside and ruins of castles or fortresses today. I’ve never been to Italy, but is sure looks stunning around the race course.

I see that Paolo is standing 5th in the GC after Stage 3. I guess he (and the other guys in the peloton) successfully eluded the two drunks that were standing in the road and trying to punch the racers as they went by... Another crash today that almost sent a rider into the metal barricade. The guy who had the scariest crash yesterday, Alberto Lopez de Munain, was clearly alive because he was wearing a helmet. And then it was touch-and-go. He had to have a breathing tube inserted by a Giro doc, who was there instantly, or he would have died on the spot from strangling in his own blood. He’s really busted up, face messed up and lungs and thorax all messed up, too. He would have been dead instantly without a helmet, the way his head hit the metal barricade.

Remember a couple of years ago, when George crashed while flying around a turn on a descent, and somehow slid right under a metal barricade? He was going like a rocket and was not wearing a helmet. George would have been toast if the big guy hadn’t been squeezed under the two-foot gap beneath the lower rail without hitting his head.

Jeeze, I am just looking at the morning San Jose Merc, and I see that the SJ City officials, in their infinite quest for money over environment, have cut down a thirty-year-old Carob tree on Park Avenue. Why? Has the root system gone bad and it’s in danger of falling? Is it infested with pests? No... None of the above... This beautiful old tree was destroyed because of the possibility that falling carob pods could be a danger to the drivers in the San Jose Grand Prix auto race in July. The area around Park Avenue has lots of lovely, old, gnarled trees, and this particular tree was chopped down because a race car might have a problem with carob pods on the road? I am appalled and disgusted beyond words.... I’m not a tree-hugger, but this is idiotic beyond belief.


  • Hi,
    Can't they net the tree up for the race rather than cut it down? Or, tell a group that cares about the problem and I'll bet they would net it up. Cutting the tree down seems pretty drastic and there certainly was a cost to having a crew come out, cut it and remove the debris and chip it so the costs would be close?
    My name is Bill Hue and I live in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:02 AM  

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