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Friday, May 06, 2005

Sirius Faction 28 has a new schedule for Athlete-Hosted shows, but Lance is hanging at the usual Sunday 9 pm EST. However (and maybe this has been going on the whole time and I didn’t know it), there are replays of Lance’s show on Mondays at midnight and Mondays at noon - all EST. Nice to know, ‘cause I have my PVR set for 6 pm my time, and if Lance is traveling/racing, the show time may change and I’ll miss it.. I always wonder if I’m taping the wrong time slot, so this way I can at least catch it later.

BTW, I am still really pleased with my Sirius Starmate. I bought the home kit, too, so I can try to use it in motels. It is supposed to hook up to computer speakers, but I haven’t yet tried it on my laptop. If that doesn’t work, I was thinking that maybe I could get one of those little Sony Walkman speakers - the ones that look like a dog’s bone. I’m not sure they would be compatible - Sony always makes everything to be so exclusively Sony that it won’t work with any other brand - at least with cameras, anyway.... Hello, Dave Aiello of Operation Gadget - where are you? Help me with a travel-sized Sirius speaker gadget! I met Dave at the Tour de Georgia - he’s a nice guy and a good blogger.... I’m always going to his site, ‘cause I’m a total tech gadget person - I just don’t have the bucks to buy all the damn stuff!

I just received a press release from Media zone - Here's an update on the live streaming coverage of the Giro - looks like the $5.95 buys you all-access. I think they're saying no live streaming during the OLN weekend coverage. Go the FAQ for info....


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