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Friday, May 13, 2005

I hear that Creed may be racing in the Boulder Stage Race, which starts today. This is the second year of the race, and originally there was speculation that Lance might ride. He said something in Georgia about maybe racing in Colorado, so that started the buzz. But I think he is headed for Europe, if he’s not there already. So it would be nice to know that Mike is feeling well enough to test his legs.

Clark Sheehan is running the Boulder Race - he was a great rider for the 7-11 team. I always liked to watch him ride - he just had such grace on his bike - it was almost like watching a dance, such a smooth and flowing style. Clark is also a really nice guy. He often is on the Threshold staff team along with me - so I see him at a few races during the season.

Just saw Ryder crash with a Saunier Duval guy in Giro - Stage 6. It took a while for the Discovery wrench to get him going again - looked like it was Geoff Brown doing the wrenching. They had to change the wheel and them fool around with the seat before he could get started, but he looks OK.... And now another crash - it’s really crazy in the peloton. You’d think that NPS - nervous peloton syndrome - would be over by the sixth stage, but not so ... But those guys are really hauling A.. today - they are flying along the course. There were at least three crashes in the last 5 k of the race, and McEwen took the sprint. Two solo crashes were right before the finish line. One crash about 8k out was on a turn where several riders went wide into the dirt. Man - it was crazy today.... Volodymyr came in 3rd among all the chaos. Right on for him - he’s a fine rider...


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