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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Aaargh!!! Very last lap of the Giro Stage 10 and the screen goes blank, except for the dreaded message, “The server is busy or down”.. #@$&*#& I usually watch the live-streaming and also have one of the cycling site’s live coverage on at the same time, so I switched over. But what crappy timing for the OLN live coverage to go blank... Or maybe it was my computer screwing up... Oh well....

It was funny at about the 20k to go mark, when the peloton came to a right hand turn at one of those triangle-shaped medians. The whole peloton (really flying along) curved to the right, but one of the motos and, following it, Ivan Basso (and I think Cunego) headed around the long, wrong left side. Both Basso and the other CSE guy then headed straight across the grassy median (a la Lance) and Basso ended up as the last rider in the peloton!

I’m sure there was some freaking out in the team car. Several CSE riders dropped back to bring him up, and he spent a fair bit of time around the Paneria team car on the way back up. Some moto race official came up to the Paneria car after Basso headed on, and had a finger-pointing conversation (read: warning) with the Paneria driver. As the camera moved past, I saw an arm and hand go up on the Paneria driver’s side, and I don’t think he was using his index finger to point at the heavens as the official moved on....Either the official ignored it or didn’t see it...

So, lots of press speculation about Tom Danielson’s knee injury, and a couple of questions to my gmail and blog. I do think that Tom has a legitimate knee problem - he mentioned that it was hurting as he was climbing up Brasstown Bald. And he mentioned it a couple of times later. Knee injuries are ugly, long-lasting things if you don’t take care of them, plus rest and rehab. Remember the problems Ullrich had/has with his knee injury that he kept riding with.

I think a part of the speculation came from a press interview with Tom’s coach in Colorado, who I think was, shall we say naive, about speaking to the press. For him to question whether Tom’s knee was injured because he (the coach) didn’t know about it, and then to say that they can be “sneaky” about those things, was a wrong choice of words to the frenzied, news-hungry media, in my humble opinion.

I don’t think that Tom’s flying back to have an MRI is part of some Tour spin - and of course, you’re gonna pull a rider out when the injury is to his knee, and it’s hurting that bad. I don’t even think that is relevant to whether or not he might be considered for the Tour, now that Eki and Leif are on the injured list. Let’s keep in mind that Tom has never done a three-week stage race, and the Giro was going to be his big challenge and test.... Tom is a great rider, and has incredible potential for a championship rider on the DC team, but he is a young rider, so he has to take the utmost care with any kind of injury...


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