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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I think I’ve finally got my head above the water of about 3,000 images that had to be sorted and resized, burned to CD, then sent to my bosses at Threshold Sports. My job this year was doing the sponsor and branding photography at all three Wachovia Cycling Series races, plus photography for all corporate/sponsor events. Although I utilized the three-times a day that I spent doing my second job at Threshold, as the Food Police for team meals, it still wasn’t enough time to sort thru all the pics. I did finish most of the Lancaster and Trenton images, but wading thru Philly Sunday pics has monopolized the last two days.

I will put some images up in my smugmug gallery, hopefully later today or tomorrow morning. Now I am realizing that I have a whole lot to do to get ready for the Tour, since it is now 20 days till I fly to Paris. One of my best sources of assistance and information is Dave Aiello, who has my favorite geek site Operation Gadget . Dave is doing some research on GPS systems which will be compatible with my T-Mobile HP IPAQ 6315. Surf on over to his site to see what he’s come up with so far.... Check out Dave's site whenever you need info on the latest techno gadgets, or with what you have now. He's gonna be my Gadget Guru from now on....

So Lance is showing himself pretty well at the Dauphine: he was third today in the TT. While folks are trying hard to interpret it that he is not gonna cut it at the Tour, I might point out that he was ahead of Floyd Landis and Vinokourov, who may some of his main competition in France.

There is a great article by Sam Abt about Life After Lance for the team at the end of July... go to the link below to read it.


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