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Friday, May 27, 2005

Heads Up Lance Fans - Are you going to the Tour this year for Lance's triumphant finale? Has Lance inspired you in some special way? Well, then check this out: Discovery Channel is looking to profile fans of Lance Armstrong who (and this is key) will be following Lance to watch the Tour in France. Discovery Channel is doing a one-hour special tentatively called Lance's Army. They will meet you at home, get to know who you are and how Lance plays a part in you lives and then follow those selected to France where history will be made. Those selected will all meet up in the Alpine village of Briancon. Say a bit about why/how Lance has inspired you or made a difference in your life. Send e-mail to: and do it ASAP! Send your mail to her, not me....

Paolo was absolutely super in the TT today - Now has a comfy lead at the Giro. Hang on and hold on Il Falcon!!


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