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Friday, June 03, 2005

The Wachovia Cycling Series in Trenton was a pretty cool race – Freddie got a second again. I bet he wasn’t too happy about that. Health Net is really strong… Our DC guys are saving up for Sunday, I guess. It’s raining really hard, but they are out riding today. What a great bunch of guys. I’m getting to know Roger better, and he is just a great person – great sense of humor, too. He is really a hard working rider and totally dedicated to the team.

Yesterday, I was shooting at the Trenton sign in ceremonies. The announcer was interviewing Greg Henderson as Mike Creed stepped up to sign in – he grabbed Greg’s hand and raised both of their arms up in a podium victory salute. Creed is really full of P&V….

I got a press release about Lance’s newest commercial for 24-Hour Fitness – I guess he is depicted as the Pied Piper of Fitness. He's jogging and people are dropping everything to follow him... Haven’t seen it yet. And Discovery Channel has launched a blitz of Lance programs for the summer. They were talking to me about being on one of the programs, but I guess I didn’t make the cut… The people who do are gonna be very happy!

Somebody asked me about other eating places around Philly. I'm not from here, but I like Tir Na Nog, an Irish Pub a couple of blocks away, and Le Bus in Manaynk.


  • Yesterday several of the guys(Max, Lief, Fumi, and I believe Jurgen and Patrick, as well as Hank Vogels and several other Lotto riders) rode, in the pouring rain I might add, with the Pro Pedals Shop Cycling Team in Hammonton, NJ (my home town). I was like a kid seeing Santa for the first time! The guys were kind and gracious and posed for pictures. I followed your lead and didn't ask for autographs but I couldn't resist the picture taking. I didn't ask to be in the pictures but Hank and Max asked if I wanted to join them. No way was I turning that down. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I'm still smiling.
    Ginna Alysse Allen

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 4:16 AM  

  • An article here about Lance...


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:04 PM  

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