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Monday, June 13, 2005

Heads Up! Outside Magazine just sent me a freebie July Tour de France issue, which is all Lance (well, almost all). The B&W photographs are by a guy named Cliff Watts, and they are really fine work. There's a great shot of Lance and Sheryl (with his arms wrapped protectively around her) that is a total winner, and a super, sexy bare-chested shot of Lance. Zap! Zowie!

The main article is titled "Breaking Away", and it says,"As he rolls for number seven, wrap your mind around the life and legacy and farewell Tour de France of Lance Armstrong - hero, dad, six-time King of the World, rock-star arm candy, and(sometime after '06), the next Governor of Texas!"

Whew - that's one big, long sentence, but then Lance is one big legend...

Then there's one full page of small, candid shots of Lance mugging and making faces for the camera... It's that silly, mischevious, little-kid part of Lance that is so endearing to those who know him well. And that is so loved by his kids....

If you are a Lance fan, then you just gotta get this magazine...


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