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Friday, June 17, 2005

Going to the Tour? Wanna ride and blog? Well, I just got a gmail from the folks at Race To The Tour (link below). They have a Tour Sweepstakes sponsored by Subaru, where you might win a blogging/cycling trip to Le Grand Boucle. Here’s what they said to me, “We were surfing cycling blogs and we wanted to tell you we really liked yours a lot. We thought we would give you a heads up on a sweepstakes from our sponsor Subaru. We have our own Tour de France blog and are giving away two chances to win a biking trip through France as well as an opportunity to blog live from the Tour de France. We even set you up with a bike and blogging tools. The drawing started June 12th and runs through July 1. The first winner will be selected the week of June 2, and the second around July 1.”

So if you can ride and climb long distances on the Tour route, and you have blogging skills, maybe you wanna enter. For me - I can barely stand up carrying the 40-50 pounds of photography equipment, much less ride a bike carrying it! And I have two other lens (or is it lenses?) on order from B&H in NYC, so add at least 6 more pounds to the load. They should arrive today or Monday. Gadget Geek Gal loves photography gadgets, too.


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