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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I see that one on my co-authors of the Tour de France for Dummies is receiving a Royal Award. Phil Liggett has been placed on The Queen’s Birthday List and nominated as a MBE in the Royal Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. MBE (I had to google it) means Master of the British Empire - Well now, we already knew that when it comes to cycling talk, didn’t we?

This award is an Order of Chivalry, part of the UK Honors System, that recognises merit in terms of achievement and service to the country. The honorable Mr. (or is it now Sir?) Liggett will go to the Palace to receive his medal - if it isn’t during the Tour de France. In that case, the Queen will just have to wait a bit... The cycling world needs him for three weeks.... Sir Liggett’s service is to the world, not just the British Empire.

I haven’t heard from Eki in a while - hope he is doing well. Dirk told me in Philly that Eki had some complications with his back injury healing, so he may be off the bike a bit longer than we first thought. But I know my Iron Man, and I know he’ll be back training on his turbo trainer as soon as he can, if he isn’t already spinning away.

My friend, Dave Aiello of, better watch out! I am becoming a gal gadget geek to the max. I bought a Z1RA Sony Viao during the first Tour of Hope, when my older laptop crashed. I thought it had everything, but it was pre-Bluetooth, I guess. So, I’ve been missing that, and especially now that I have ordered a Garmin 10 Deluxe GPS with Bluetooth to use at the Tour. I ordered it to use with my T-Mobile HP IPAQ 6315, but if that messes up, I want my laptop as a back-up. So I surfed all kinds of forums and message boards about adding Bluetooth, and read where guys were adding PCMIA cards, and configuring and tweaking and cussing, and one-upping each other as guys do, to get Bluetooth on older laptops.

So I went to Fry’s and bought a Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter for $36.09 (the package was torn and Fry’s gave me a whole $1.90 off the list price), and in less than 15 minutes, I now have Bluetooth on my Sony....

Gal Gadget Geeks Rule...


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