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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

So the buzz now is all about the possibility of Vinokourov joining the DC team. I know that Lance likes and respects Vino and so does Johan. It would certainly make a fierce-some, awesome team next year! And, I imagine that some of our team right now is being solicited by other teams. However, I think that Johan and the other DCs, and our team management, treat the guys on the DC team better than any other pro teams are treated. And I think Bjarne Riis also is great with his CSC guys.

I read that Bicycles Unlimited in Fayetteville, GA is having a giant good-luck card signing for Lance, wishing him victory with Number Seven, and donating $100 for each Tour win. Fayetteville is a neat little place, and they really loved Lance. I think I told you about the course marshals there during the TdG teaching me how to pronounce Fayetteville. It’s kinda like “fate-ve-o”, said really fast with a whisper of an L on the end. Y’awl...

I am pretty impressed with the delivery speed of both Garmin and Amazon. I ordered my City Select Europe v7 from Garmin on Friday night, the 10th and it arrived yesterday afternoon - UPS. I ordered my Garmin GPS Deluxe 10 (thru the Operation Gadget site) from Amazon that same Friday night, and it arrived yesterday - Fed Ex. Now all I have to do is install everything without screwing it all up...

So, thanks to blog fan Fiona, we have the definitive word from Chris Brewer (Web Guru, Internet Content Manager and Key Guy of that Lance will not ride in the Eindhoven TTT on the 19th. But I hear from Sheryl that Lance is in great shape and is gonna do some serious kick-ass at the Tour. Yesss....


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