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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Today’s blog is gonna be all about a different cycling champion - he’s now putting in his miles on the road on his Dad’s old Trek. His determination, perseverance and courage are just like Lance’s. And yesterday, he celebrated his “Birthday” (just like Lance does) for his Five Years in Remission. This little guy is eight years old and his name is Cameron Stewart.

I first met Cameron and his family when I volunteered to help the LAF with Lance’s appearance at Stanford University on November 1, 2001. I was helping with ushering folks to their seats, and just by chance I began chatting with Cam’s father, Paul Stewart. Paul told me that Cam had ALL Childhood Leukemia, and had been (and still was) undergoing painful treatment. He was in chemotherapy and still had a year and a half of chemo to go. I saw this bright-eyed, cheerful little three-year-old guy, who was actually going to get to meet his hero, Lance. I saw the effects of the chemo on Cam’s face and body, and the weariness and dull fear on the faces of his parents. Yet, they were positive, upbeat and seemed like the greatest parents a kid could have.

Paul told me that Cam had sat on his lap that summer, watching Lance win the Tour on OLN, while enduring treatment that made the little guy so very ill. Paul’s lap was his comfort, so father and son cheered Lance along every stage. Cam told his Dad that he wanted to get well and have strong legs like Lance. Lance became the inspiration for this three-year-old survivor, and for his family as well: Linda, his Mom, and baby brother, Ben. While they cheered Lance on to victory, they were really cheering Cam on to victory over his cancer.

I knew immediately what I wanted to do to support my new little friend: I put up Cameron’s Page with a Guestbook on my Unofficial Lance Armstrong Fan Club website. During the Stanford visit, The Lance Armstrong Foundation had made arrangements for Cam to spend a little time with Lance, meeting in Lance’s hotel room, so Cam had photos taken with Lance. These were some of the first pics on my Cameron’s page. this page has chronicled Cam's victory over Leukemia with photos since 2001.

Over the years, Paul has sent me photo updates on Cam’s progress, and I got invited to Cam’s birthday party a couple of years ago. I drove up to the hills outside of Sacramento and met the nicest group of people you’d ever want to meet. All great folks and supporters of Cam. I’ve seen the Stewarts at the Ride for the Roses, and Paul has just become a Regional Mentor for the LAF.

So when the Discovery Channel folks contacted me, wanting to know if I knew anyone who had been inspired by Lance, it took me all of two seconds to recommend Cameron. Now Cam is being followed around and videotaped by the DC camera crew, and may end up going to the Tour, courtesy of Discovery Channel. Cam was filmed during his visit to Capitol Hill for Live Strong Day, and with his sign, "I am a Survivor" at the Today Show in NYC.

Cam and his father, Paul, are great spokespersons for cancer research and funding. Cam is growing strong and healthy, and he is determined to ride all the steepest hills, just like his hero, Lance Armstrong....

Go to the link below to visit Cam’s page, see all his photos, and be sure to leave him a message... The page loads slow 'cause the photos are big, but a guy like Cam deserves big photos.


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