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Monday, June 20, 2005

It’s time for the Monday morning Lance Armstrong LiveStrong Sirius Faction show report.... This time it was a rerun of an April show, I think right after Paris-Nice. The one where Lance was in Spain and Higgs was in Austin talking about the South By Southwest Festival. The one where Lance was annoyed because some guy had emailed saying that he thought the show would only happen when Lance feels like it...

Be sure to check out the Sirius Faction show that starts on July 2nd - it’s Lance in France - Off the Bike and On the Mike. Lance will give a daily report on the Tour haps. I think the schedule is 4 pm Eastern, with re-runs scheduled for later in the day and the next morning. I wrote to Sirius to request that one of the Sports Channels broadcast the Tour daily by hooking into France 2/3 radio. Well, it doesn’t hurt to ask! Yeah, its in French, but I bet a lot of folks would listen - it’s not too difficult to get a handle on what’s going on. I also told them that I would do a daily Fan Report from France for them, but I don’t think I quite fit the profile for their show hosts....Ha-Ha. But how cool would it be to hear live from Velogal who is right there on the scene - live action from the cycling mosh pit? I could do a damn fine job of it, too!

Did you see the comment from Ann, in response to Leif getting DQ’ed at the Tour de Suisse? She says that a well-know photographer got thrown off the race course because he was wearing shorts! Nah, it wasn’t Graham. But is that dumb or what? Would they have ousted women in shorts, too? Soigneurs? Drivers? FYI - Dress code: Business Casual for the Tour de Suisse...

And, thanks to Dave Aiello of the Operation Gadget site for the great comments about my Cameron Stewart post, and for the positive book review of Tour de France for Dummies... See link below.


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