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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Watching and the Paris-Roubaix coverage. Can you believe a crash in the neutral zone that took out Victor Hugo Pena? Talk about a nervous peloton... Then, later in the race, they were talking about a Mavic neutral support guy who was standing on top of the moving Mavic car, adjusting the seat level of a spare bike to give to a rider. Dude ...very gutty or crazy or both. Wow! There are twenty-six pavé (cobble) sections in P-R this year, and some ugly cobbled climbs... Plus mud, mud, mud. Scott Sunderland said that P-R was a race of “attrition, guts and luck”, and he is so right.

Hincapie takes second to Boonen at P-R, and I’m off to the Morgan Hill Grand Prix and to the final Sea Otter meeting. I’ll listen to Lance’s show on my way home on my Sirius Starmate and have the report tomorrow.


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