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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Attended the Floyd Landis Town Meeting in San Jose last night - it was well attended and the presentation by Michael Henson was compelling. There is no way that a thoughtful, fair-minded, intelligent person could look at the mish-mash of crap that the Chatenay Malabry Cesspool calls lab reports and still say that it was a scientific, accurate report of his results. Over-writes, redactions, unreadable numbers and bar codes, plus numbers so far out of the Bell Curve that they should be thrown out. Violations of WADA’s own flimsy procedures are rampant in the copies of the actual reports that were shown in the excellent, but brief, Power-Point presentation.

So it should be clear in the May hearing what is the right and fair thing to do. The right thing for accurate and trustworthy lab science and for all the powerless riders. Yes, powerless, because the UCI, which purports to be a union for the riders, is one of the accusers. Yes, the fair and right thing is clear.

BUT... the panel is from a group of people who have been pre-selected (and paid) by the CAS or UCI, or whoever runs the show. Yes, Floyd’s team gets to select one (I think it is one), but it’s from that same panel. They are not uninvolved panel members. They are in the same Mafia as the accusers - they are sworn to confidentiality and are prohibited against speaking out on behalf of the riders, even if they think the process or the decision is wrong and unfair. This is so grossly unfair and unjust - it is a farce, just like the Dick Pound show.

We all need to speak out right now and lend our support, not just for Floyd, but for the next innocent rider who is flicked with inept, erroneous results that can ruin his career. Go to to see how and where your letters can help. And please take the time to snail mail - it has more impact on the governmental bureaucracy than emails do.

Oh yes, Amgen Tour of California Stage 3 that ended in San Jose with a thundering field sprint: I am putting up a handful of images of the final few meters.... the look on Levi Leipheimer’s face says it all... The guy never gives up.

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