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Saturday, February 17, 2007

So I am standing on the side of Sierra Road this morning, waiting for the riders to appear. It's a bit before 10:30 am, very quiet and peaceful. The Webcor San Jose King of the Mountain Corporate Challenge started at 10. Breaking the quiet, I hear the sound of a car engine and I'm wondering if it might be the lead cars in the caravan. I look down and around the corner and what do I see but a yellow taxicab. OMG, of all the things I might expect to see on this road, a taxi is not one of them... Go Figure - I don't know, either.... A race official had to take a taxi to get there? A CEO decided to not bother with all the suffering to get to the top and just took a taxi? Beats me...

Anyway, it seemed to be a great turnout and the first riders, David Rodrigues from the Navigators team, and Andy Ball, head of Webcor came up that nasty Sierra Grade like it was flat. Tons of sharp-looking Specialized kits were on the road - the red is really snazzy. And of course, the Specialized Angel was at the top.

So I took a ton of shots, and you can see them at Velogal's Smugmug Gallery

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