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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

From Figuroa mountaintops to the Beach. Yesterday, the guys did Figuroa, which was chilly cold, windy and foggy at the top. Today, we headed over to Jambala Beach (did I mess up on that name?) in what looked like iffy weather, but it turned out to be sunny.

Fuyu Li was riding rather gingerly because he has strained an Achilles tendon while running. There were some media people who were totally interested in him – interviews and photos. I assume that they were from China, which makes this a really big deal for him and for the team. Today there were satellite trucks from two TV stations that filmed in the parking lot and tagged along behind the caravan for only a few miles. Most of the media frenzy is over and done with for now.

I was over at the Bulldog Café earlier today, and I heard Eki asking about where to get a haircut… I’m thinking that maybe the mullet is gonna go. We’ll see what he looks like tomorrow morning. So far here at camp, Eki is doing more riding than he is directing – it’s obvious that he prefers two wheels rather than four.

This morning, the AMD-Discovery Junior Cycling Team sat in with (or should I say followed) the Classics group. Two of the kits were from my Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club - Daniel Tisdell and Ben Barsi-Rhyne. It’s a great honor that two of our Juniors have been selected for the AMD-Discovery Junior Team. They were really thrilled to be here. Glen Hinshaw and Dylan Casey are the mentors here with them… It was a long hard ride for them today…


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