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Friday, January 26, 2007

A lazy day for me today… I stood around and shot the scoop with some photographer buddies. I took very few photos, but put a few kinda good close-ups on the smugmug site. You just can’t take a bad shot of Fumy Beppu with his big grin – he is just great…

I followed the Tour guys again today on a short two-hour ride that was for sponsor shots. Several of the guys were wearing different kits than the new Discovery kit. Nike has a new kit that the big guns were wearing – thousands of still images and video images were shot during that short ride. The kit is white with yellow swishes – it certainly stands out! Ivan was wearing a cool, new black kit – I think maybe it is a 10/2 Lance Armstrong kit.

The photo is one I took thru my dirty windshield, with one eye on the guys ahead and the other eye thru the lens, trying to focus. I can’t believe it even turned out at all. The car driving beside them was full of Nike people, who were holding all kinds of point-and-shoot cameras out the window and thru the sunroof. Altho the Pros were shooting the advertisement images for them, I guess they were so excited that they wanted their own personal pics of George, Ivan, Levi, Tom, Popo and others in their new kits… I’m sure they’ll be for sale soon, if they aren’t already.. Ha – I mean the kits, not the riders…


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