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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oh No - Not again! Z hits the ditch and is out. Our Hard Luck Kid, Dave Zabriskie, crashed out about thirty miles from the finish. Went to the hospital with a concussion, but is Ok - sort of. Wishing you well, Z. Keep on keepin' on, dude.

Thr wifi here at the motel is si slow and intermittent that I couldn't put up any pics of Stage 1 last night. Not that I have a lot of action shots. I walked away from the finish line to a corner to shoot the first lap, and then the crowds were so thick that I couldn't get back through to get on the course at the finish line. So I missed the crash shots and the finish line shots, and finally crawled under the barricade and into the TV filming area. I crawled under the TV platform and watched the action, but it was looking into the direct sunlight and not good for shooting, for me, anyway. so I just chilled and watched the drama. Then I hustled down to get some podium shots.

So here it is in the wee hours of the morning, and the wifi is momentarily working. At least enough to post and to give you a shot of some Sausalito Spice (or S&M) at the Start of Stage 1.


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