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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Stage 2 of the Amgen Tour of California 2007 in Sacramento saw Floyd Landis at the finish. Yeah, I know JJ Haedo turned on his big engine and powered ahead of the field sprint. You can read about it in a hundred places, but I was excited to see Floyd Landis making his presence known in Sacramento. He was looking sharp in a pin-stripe suit, and was signing autographs like crazy - the fans were lovin’ him!

I caught a few shots of Floyd when I first arrived, way before the race did. I was walking down the course from where I parked, and saw a couple of sharp-dressed men, who looked like corporate guys on their way to a meeting at the Capitol. Wow - it was Floyd and did he look good... Floyd is gonna have a Town Hall meeting tonight (Wednesday, the 21st) at the Tied House at 65 North San Pedro Street, from 6 to 9. A $35 donation will get you in the door and help with Floyd Fairness Fund. And you can see more shots of Floyd by clinking on the Link to my Smugmug gallery.

I hear that Arnie Baker has some new documents that show that the “typo” in the Chatenay-Malabry Cesspool of errors paperwork is not a typo at all, but clearly some other rider’s result. Not only does this mean that screw-ups in testing have occurred (big surprise), but that some other Tour rider must be sweating bigtime right now. Some other rider did a dumb testosterone trick and is silently sitting by, letting Floyd take the rap and ruination? Is that what this means? If so, this other guy needs to get nailed.... Let’s see if the LNDD and UCI and WADA and USADA do anything at all with this info.. Or they also silently sitting by, ignoring the errors and injustice, and letting Floyd get nailed.. Any bets?

I skipped the start in Stockton this morning, and drove home last night to get some stuff done, like this blog. I put up a big Stage 2 gallery in my gallery. Saul Raisin was also at the finish line and rode across it, just like he’s gonna do for real in a couple of years. Go Saul!

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