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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Went down to Hellyer Velodrome to catch a bit of the World Deaf Cycling Championships 1000 Meter Sprint Competition last night. Got a few shots while the light was good, and then my “brand-new” batteries in my SB-800 died - I broke my long-standing rule and didn’t take my full camera bag (extra batteries) with me, so it was inevitable, huh? It was an interesting experience to be in the hearing-impaired world, and I salute them to the max for overcoming the obvious difficulties. There are some serious, damn good cyclists there.

Hope you are all reading the reports from Iraq from Major Jason A. Bryan on the VeloNews site: Sustaining Sanity in Iraq. Wow - what a guy, and what a dedicated, gutsy cyclist to be training daily while he's fighting a war. I hope he writes a book when he gets home. My thoughts are with him, and all the other guys and gals there.... (Click on the Link below.)

This morning, I’m heading up to Fremont for the first Mountain Bike Short Track racing on the grounds of the California School for the Deaf. I’m sooo late, so I gotta take head up there right now....


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