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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Didn’t get to watch Stage 8 of the Tour de Suisse this morning. I had to take Baby to see the Doc. Poor Baby is sickie-poo. I’d never heard a cat cough like she has been doing. So.... one x-ray, one visit, one prescription and $199.25 later, I find out that Baby has asthma... Very high pollen season, I’m told... Yikes - good thing she’s an inside cat. She’s happy inside - She just loves this kitty condo that I recently bought..

So Phonak is leaving as sponsor and the team will be called IShares in 2007. Barclay’s Investors owns IShares, and they, of course sponsored the ill-fated SF Grand Prix in 2005. I photographed the big sponsor’s dinner there with the Discovery Channel Team, and all the Barclay's big poobas seemed delighted to be involved in cycling. I’m glad they are continuing to support cycling - IShares is eager to have an international presence, so their sponsorship of the team will be a nice match.

I’m going to be shooting the 2006 World Deaf Cycling Championships during the next week. It’s being held here in Silicon Valley - the first event is tonight at the Hellyer Velodrome. The 1,000-meter sprints. Next Web of Covad Communications will provide live streaming video coverage starting at 5:30 pm PDT, today Saturday, June 17th. Follow the Link below to view.

From today through June 24th, there will be track, mountain bike racing, road racing, individual time trail and a 40K points race, held in various venues around the area. Go to 2006 World Deaf Cycling Championships for all info. I was going to go up and shoot the Tour de Nez, but this seems more interesting to me, and a lot closer to home, meaning fewer visits to the gas station to get ripped off.


  • Ouch, best wishes to Baby from Sherpa and Sam.
    Incidentally, we pay about 40 euros for consultation, x-ray and prescription.
    And our vet comes to the house for consultation when asked.
    He Da Best!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 2:39 PM  

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