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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thanks to the folks who wrote me - Nope, I haven’t fallen into a cycling black hole. Just needed a couple of days for R&R. I did do a podcast - I was way behind on that, too... I just needed to Adapt, Improvise and Overcome - I learned those words to live by from my great spinning instructor, Pete, a few years ago. Life is constantly presenting challenges, as we all well know...

So Lance was “completely exonerated” by the Dutch investigation of the Le Creep/WADA allegations about doping in the 1999 TdF. But, of course, Dick Pound is still WADA-Mouthing off. I think that guy is a nut-case and a disgrace. The Dutch report recommends an investigation of WADA, but how likely is that? Can you say “whitewash and cover-up”, boys and girls? Can you say CYA? Can you say it in French?

Wow - I saw that Saul Raisin is working out on his trainer! Is that guy gutsy or what? Good on him - he gets the Courage Award for the Year in my opinion. He exemplifies the Never-Give-Up determination and perseverance that is the hallmark of a champion cyclist. So by damn, he is a Champion Cyclist, doesn’t matter what races he’s won....

And Bravo to Tom Danielson, who also showed great courage at the Giro, riding while he was sick and weak, to support Savoldelli. Tom only stopped when his body was all but shut down with fighting a virus on top of sinus and bronchial infections. Tom is a good guy and full of P&V - we’ll see him on the podium quite often in the future. The Discovery Channel directeurs sportif know just how to bring a potential champion along - I hope that Tom stays with them for the next few years....

And thanks to everyone who is buying Podium Girl Gone Bad books and merchandise. This is really helping to keep my Lance fans and Discovery fans websites up and running... I’ve had to shut down three of my other sites, due to the monthly hosting expense. Remember, if you click through any of the icons for Amazon, Discovery or Sirius and purchase merchandise, I also get a small commission for each sale.

I have Donate icons up on all my sites, including this blog, but I must say that only a couple of folks have donated. I do not charge a subscription for this blog, nor my podcasts - I started my websites and Velogal’s Tour Talk and fan reports almost six years ago, and I have never been paid one cent for anything I’ve done. I’ve covered all expenses on my own. Incidentially, so far, I’ve earned zilch from the Tour de France for Dummies book.

One of my faithful readers periodically donates, and he explained that he considers it just the same as subscribing to any other cycling publication. If everyone who reads this blog would have sent in even $5 or $10, I could probably have been reporting to you from the Tour de France again this year. But, No Dough, No Go.... So, for the future, your help will be appreciated - a little goes a long way when it’s from a lot of people...


  • Yeah, way to go Saul. That's pretty incredible.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 3:10 PM  

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