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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Whoah... Der Kaiser showed his stuff today in the Giro Time Trial. He said it was just a test, but when he realized that he was doing do well in the first half, he decided to really pour on the gas for the last half of the TT. Suprised himself, as well as everyone else. Basso is also cooking, and the Giro is really "hotting up" with the climbing that is coming.

It was pretty cool, watching on, to see the guys ride past the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Something messed up and I didn't get to see Jan or the final guys ride. I had a phone call, and when I got back to my computer, Stage 6 was playing...

The Fed Ex guy just came by and told me that his boss told him that Lance and his kids were here in SJ, staying at the Hotel Valencia a few weeks ago. Gee, I guess Lance forgot to call me.... Yeah, right. I didn't quite get to Washington, either...


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