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Monday, May 08, 2006

Wow! What a finish of the third stage of the Giro! I hoped that Chechu could hang in and take the stage, but Shumacher of Gerolsteiner just hammered to first. So a Discovery Channel rider (Chechu) on the podium in the second spot, but Savoldelli loses the maglia rosa to Schumacher by thirteen seconds. Gerolsteiner will have the job of defending the jersey tomorrow, and then Wednesday will be rest day.

Poor Pettachi got his knee whacked in his fall... He really looked like he was suffering and blood was pouring out of his wound, in spite of three treatments from the Giro doc. He came in eleven or twelve minutes back. A deep infection is always a worry on wet, dirty roads, especially if it's a run-off from pastures and fields of livestock.

As I watched the last of the stage on OLN/, I winced when I saw rain and all the slippery paint on the road - lane stripes and diagonal stripes and arrows all over the place. It's a wonder that there weren't more crashes.. Chechu fell earlier in the stage, and there were several other minor crashes. It was ugly weather for riding, for sure...

Sorry, I didn't listen to the Lance Armstrong Sirius Faction show last night,so I don't know if it was new or a re-run....


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