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Monday, April 24, 2006

Photo is Janez Brajkovich at training camp - Bravo for him as Best Young Rider at the 2006 Tour of Georgia. And 5th in General Classification....

The Discovery Pro Cycling Team was outstanding in Georgia - Number One Team in the GC, Tommy Danielson was 2nd in GC, Popo was 3rd in the GC, also won the Most Aggressive Rider Jersey. Janez Brajkovich was 5th in GC and won the Best Young Rider Classification, and Jason McCartney won the KOM Jersey. Jason was an outstanding rider in Georgia, but knows that his Giro job is to work for Il Falcon, Paolo Savoldelli. BTW - The Discovery team had five riders in the top twenty GC.

My vote for Sportsman of the Year goes to Tom Danielson, for outstanding sportsmanship at the Tour of Georgia. He’s in second spot by four seconds, final circuits of the final stage, and the race leader, Floyd Landis flats. What does Tom do? Take advantage of Floyd’s bad luck and go for the win? A wheel change, even a teammate’s wheel, takes longer than four seconds. But, No - Tom Danielson goes to the front and slows everybody down. Is that reminiscent of somebody else - Tyler Hamilton - slowing the peloton at the Tour when Lance fell?

Danielson said it would have been "cheap" to take advantage of the Floyd Landis’ wheel change. "I saw him flat," Danielson said. "I was maybe 15 riders behind. I rode to the front and immediately everyone slowed down." Added Danielson: "I was in the same lead position last year. I wouldn't want anyone to attack me in that cheap situation. ... The race was over yesterday."

Bravo, Tom, you are a real champion and we are proud of you .....

I think Lance had a new show last night, but I haven’t listened to it yet. I was down at the Pinnacles shooting photographs all day yesterday and came home late in the evening....


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