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Monday, April 10, 2006

This pic is from the 2006 Sea Otter Classic Amateur Road Race, down in Fort Ord, CA. We had about 700 riders competing on the 10.5 mile course, in numerous categories. They started on the track in Laguna Seca, and finished near the top of Barloy Canyon ( a real tough finish), after completing anywhere from six to ten laps.

I was the Road Coordinator for the Sea Otter event this year, and I had the most outstanding volunteers down in Fort Ord. They were parents and students from La Mesa Elementary School in Monterey, and I have to say that these folks are awesome. Their volunteers all show up - they show up early and stay late, and all with the greatest attitude.

The La Mesa parents and kids who worked the Neutral Feed Zone were absolute heroes - they pitched in and got the bottles to the riders under very challenging circumstances. They were there from 7:30 am until almost 7 pm on Saturday, filling and handing out hundreds of bottles to the weary racers. They are the best... If you are in a race, at whatever level, remember to say thanks to those volunteers who make the race happen and receive very little glory for their hard work...

And yet another injured racer on the Discovery Channel Team, and you know by now that it is George Hincapie. That is the worst damn luck, and is obviously a bummer for his Tour de France training.. And, of course, we will be reading lots about the controversial Paris Roubaix DQ of Leif, Vladamir and Peter Petegem, while allowing Tom Boonen do the same thing, and stand on the podium. Even Boonen says he really got fifth place....


  • I feel so bad for George.

    By Anonymous Amy, At 11:36 AM  

  • My wife and I were watching the coverage on OLN and we jumped when George crashed. What a horrible crash. And then to have Hoste and Gusev DQ for running the train barriers, not a good day. It seems to me that Discovery has had alot more crashes and injuries that most years. All in all though it has been great racing this year, really looking forward to the Giro and the Tour.

    By Blogger brian, At 2:06 PM  

  • I am a great fan of Discovery and of velogal, however I feel that there should be some response to your re Boonen not being DQ'd for doindsame thing. Watching it live, Boonen and the others stopped as requested by the commissaire and only preceded when waved on by the same official. If the rules should have been so strictly interpreted in terms of the DQ that is another thing all together. It does seem to be a bad time injury wise for DC, but lets not forget that Roger finished in the chasing group, fell off earlier and of course did fantastically well after his accident the previous week just starting. Already booked VIP seat for Paris to cheer on George and the other guys.

    By Blogger Broom Wagon Man, At 3:31 PM  

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