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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Lance Armstrong Fan Club site is on Outside Mag's media list, so whenever they run any kind of artice about Lance, I get a freebie copy of that issue in the mail. So the June Outside issue arrive in a plain, brown wrapper yesterday.

Inside Outside ('scuse me, I couldn't resist), there's an article entitled, "High Rollers", by Bill Gifford. The lead-in says, "Meet the Champions Club, an elite group of bike-crazy execs who are richer than Croesus. can hammer with Lance, and are donating millions to ensure a gold-plated future for U.S. cycling". You might want to check it for the inside (or is it Outside?) scoop on the big poobahs who hang out with Lance. The cover says, "The Next Lance - Inside the Billionaire Bike Club".

Hey Gang - Remember, I'm only telling you about the article - don't flick me for it....

The issue also has a short article about Boutique Bike Hotels, for those who want to spend some big bucks to recover in luxury after that hard, or maybe pampered, ride...

Actually, I like Outside Mag - maybe they'll send me a whole year's subscription for this plug... Yeah - sure...


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