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Monday, April 24, 2006

Heads-Up to anyone who cares about animals, wherever you live. An Online Petition has been started to demand that Tehama County Officials protect those defenseless dogs that live in the Hell-Hole that Peter William Raap calls a kennel in Cottonwood, CA.

Please, please click on the link and sign the petition. It will only take a couple of minutes of your time.... We have no doubt that Peter Raap will reduce the number of dogs in his filthy, feces-covered kennel by killing them.

Kathy, the person who started the petition has a network that is willing and able to take the dogs and find homes for them. Peter William Raap has not responded to her email offers to rescue those poor dogs, many of them pregnant mothers or puppies.


  • In regard to the case of kennel owner Peter William Raap.
    I was trying to contact Mr. Raap to pay for a reservation we wanted to make on his Akumel, Mexico villa. His recording left no opportunity to leave a message, so I left an email instead — but since his phone number is in my area, I decided to search for his location.
    Soon after learning he lives in Los Gatos, I was reading our local newspaper and found he was arrested by the Sheriff for possession of a stolen vehicle on April 13.
    That revelation led to Googling his name and my finding Velogal's blog about his conviction for animal abuse. Thanks to all who reported his terrible irresponsibility, you helped save us from doing business with a criminal.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 12:04 AM  

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