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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Yikes! Too long since I’ve posted something... I can’t begin to tell you how much time it took to process all the images I photographed at Cats Hill, so I won’t.... The Velogal’s Smugmug Podium Gallery has had over 14,000 hits, and total hits for all the Galleries since I put them up on Monday is about 20,000. There have been four very small purchases, so far... Go Figure. If I was on the podium for winning a prestigious bike race, I’d damn well order the poster size image - maybe two or three!

And yes, Bette Davis was there. She became quite famous when spotted by a photographer for the SJ Merc news. Sounds like she is going to make the newspapers soon. Also, thanks to a heads-up by Jamie, Bette Davis has now entered (using one of my photos) in the nation-wide Gap Mascot contest. You can follow the Link to the Bette Davis Does Cats Hill Gallery. Be sure to read her comments below her photos....

She always wears a Podium Girl Gone Bad Doggie Tee to all bike races, but unlike PGGB, Bette Davis is not interested in the spandex boys....


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