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Saturday, May 20, 2006

So, I slept through Stage 13 of the Giro this morning - What can I say? GC is Gutierrez, Basso and Savoldelli, with Danielson in 7th. Basso is looking like a winner to me. Some tough climbing yet to come, and maybe Paolo can keep the maglia rosa, but I think we may well see Ivan in pink.

I see that the Discovery Channel DS have picked a tentative list for the Tour de France: Azevedo, Ekimov (my Iron Man), Gusev, Hincapie, Martinez, Padernos, Popovych, Rubiera and Savoldelli. The surprise to me is Gusev - I didn’t think he has had that much experience with three-week stage races, but I haven’t looked at his palmares, either. Off the list of “regulars” is Beltran and Noval. I think I recall hearing that they weren’t going to renew Triki’s contract this year, but that Lance wanted him back.

OK - What will PR folks think of next to use the Lance Armstrong name? In the Ludicrous Publicity Top Ten List, this certainly has a place. Here is an excerpt from a press release that I just received this morning:

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 19, 2006--Arby's asked and America had a clear answer: Lance Armstrong is the greatest natural athlete of all-time. Arby's created the survey vote to celebrate the launch of its full menu line of natural chicken - Arby's Chicken Naturals(TM).

From March 31 - May 1, 2006, consumers voted at for the athlete they felt exhibited the most natural athletic ability and character. Arby's partnered with the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association (NSSA), whose members selected the top ten finalists for the poll. There were no guidelines regarding the gender, era or sport for the athlete submissions.

"Lance Armstrong was the clear winner of Arby's Greatest Natural Athletes of All-Time poll," said Debbie Pike, chief marketing officer, Arby's Restaurant Group, Inc. "Lance, along with the rest of the finalists, represents the finest natural athletic achievement and ability in the history of sports and we're proud to honor him."

James (Jim) Thorpe and Muhammad Ali finished second and third, respectively. The remaining finalists consumers voted from included: Jim Brown, Wilt Chamberlain, Babe Didrickson-Zaharis, Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan, Jesse Owens, Deion Sanders and Jim Thorpe.

Arby's Chicken Naturals is a full menu line of salads, sandwiches, wraps and chicken tenders, that start with 100 percent natural chicken breast that is not altered or injected with added water, salt or phosphates. The result is better tasting, higher quality chicken.

My question is this: what did Lance receive as winner? Naaw... couldn’t be... And, yes, I do belong to the NSSA, but I didn’t vote.

Oh, forgot to tell you that the gossip rags are saying that Lance, on his bike in Santa Monica, chased down a purse-snatcher, knocked him down, and returned the purse to the woman. Purse-snatcher got away from the scene, but Lance and his Trek bike were the crime-fighter heroes. Story unconfirmed by the Capital Sports Entertainment folks...


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