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Monday, June 12, 2006

Received another freebie copy from Outside Mag - their July issue has an awesome cover shot of Floyd Landis, by Robert Maxwell. I hadn’t seen Floyd with this much beard and mustache before - I like it... He looks pretty wicked strong. The nice PR folks at Outside always put little page stickers on the relevant cycling articles in the issue that they send to me. So one sticky was on the Landis article, by Dan Coyle, and another was on an interview with Dick (and I mean dick) Pound. Then the third little blue plastic sticky was on an article about the Killer Humboldt Squid - title of the article was “It’s Hard Out Here for a Shrimp”. Uhhh....OK....

Speaking of mags, VeloNews sent me an email to say that their “06 Official Tour de France Guide is now out. No freebie copy, tho... Actually, I already subscribe and my issue came last week, with George Hincapie on the front cover, and a cool close-up of Robbie McEwen in a black and white Look ad on the back cover.

So Fumy Beppu won the Japanese Time Trial Championships. How very cool for him - His parents will be so proud of their son. As I mentioned in a posting quite some time ago, Fumy told me that one of his goals is to promote cycling in his country, and be a spokesman for the sport to Japanese youth. Fumy is a great guy....

Been watching the Tour de Suisse and the Dauphine on, but am experiencing a log of freeze-ups. I can hear the sound, but the picture just stops. Very frustrating...

Sounds like the finish of Philly International Sunday race was quite exciting. Great come-back by Greg Henderson - I wonder if he would have won the first leg of the Triple Crown if he had ridden it? And Toyota-United again showed themselves very well. I love it that Frankie’s team is doing so well....


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