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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tried to post this morning and Blogger was down....

ZZZowie - Z (David Zabriskie) kicked butt today in the ITT Stage 3 of the Dauphine this morning. That guy is so awesome on the bike this year.... So great to see him like this, after his gutsy comebacks from a couple of horrific accidents, and that damn fall during the Tour TT. I remember what he looked like after that crash at Redlands, and how he suffered in the emergency room at the hospital for hours. His girlfriend (now wife) Randi and I were so scared about a severe head injury that we stood around for hours by him on the emergency room table.
Takes a lot of guts and determination to get back in the saddle and make a come-back...

Four Americanos on the podium this morning - how cool is that for the popularity of cycling in America? Z, George, Levi and Floyd - all America’s best and all winning completely drug-free. Yes, It Can Be Done....

The photos is Z on the podium at the Specialized Morgan Hill Grand Prix 2005. Zabriskie rode solo against teams and kicked butt to win the race there. Hmmm... Seems that he’s got a haircut and shave since then.... Too bad that the MHGP was cancelled for this year - not sure if it will come back or not. Hate to think we have to see another great, little local race bite the dust for good.


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