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Monday, June 05, 2006

Way cool for the American racers in Sunday’s races. Dave Zabriskie takes the Prologue TT win at the Dauphine, and George Hincapie was second. Floyd Landis was 9th. for Discovery Channel, Devolder was 6th and Gusev was 8th. Then my buddy, Christian Vande Velde won the Tour of Luxembourg. Bjarne Riis must have been a very happy man this weekend!

Tried to watch the Dauphine this morning on, but kept getting an error message about not being logged in. But I was logged in.... Maybe I just missed it, but I tried to get it about 7:30 am, and the little menu box said it was Now Live, but didn’t work for me.... Logged in and out a few times and said to Hell with it.

The Lance Armstrong Sirius Faction Radio Show was live from Austin last night. They focused on the Lollapalooza, the yearly music bash in Grant Park, Chicago - Aug 4, 5 and 6 this year. Capital Sports and Entertainment and Charles Attal Presents are producing the show - the special guest of the night was Perry Farrell, founder and creator of the event. Charles Attal Presents and CSE are both in the same building in Austin, and have partnered to start a new artist management company called the Fourth Floor Management. Yeah, both CSE and CAP are on the fourth floor of the building. Lance has a new office space at CSE - he will now work out of there, when he is in Austin.

Lance and Higgs talked about the Vrijman report - Lance considers it a “complete vindication” of him, and that it nails the “unbelievable behavior” of WADA, ASO, Le Creep, the Lab, and the French Ministry of Sport. Lance said it was a great week for him.

They talked about all his traveling - to Europe twice, where he did the friend’s birthday thing to climb Alpe D’Huez, and then went to the Giro. Also did the dinner on a yacht in France with the bid-winner of the New York City LAF Gala. Drove the pace car at the Indy and played gold at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Lance said he rode his bike Sunday morning - said he’s coming back from being a fat, old man. Said he kicked College’s ass on the ride. Joked about College being in the Race to Replace. Higgs told us about his new son, Jack Higgins, who is now four weeks old. Big kid - was 8 pounds, 15 ounces at birth.

Tony Hawk called in to say that Lance is the biggest inspiration in his life. Talked about the ESPY Awards - Lance was in Los Angeles for a couple of days to do promos and pre-taping. The ESPY Awards are July 16th, I think. Lance said he also wants to do Saturday Night Live again.

Lance and Higgs spoke with Perry Farrell for a long time, and Perry had a ton of stories about the music world. However, unless you are one of the Rich and Famous and/or are Totally Hip and Cool, and know everybody in the Rock scene on a first-name basis, you may (like me) sit and wonder who the Hell they are talking about. Famous First Name Dropping is hip and cool, that’s true, but who is Laird, Tim C., Don, Flea, etc? .... Okay - so I’m not With It.... But, come on guys, this isn’t a private phone conversation - clue your listeners in, from time to time....


  • Guess the private phone conversation would be an improvement from the infantile "us boys we're baaaad" behavior, the giggling and belching followed by embarassing dime-store novel platitudes about love gone wrong during previous shows. Oh but that was "classy" we read on the promo site. Sure.
    Sounds like someone is trying to catch up on lost teenage years, adoringly encouraged by his mumbling sidekick. Do they always have their mouths full of beer and sushi or do they sound muffled because their feet are in front of the microphone?
    We're canceling our subscription, The show is beyond ridiculous. We don't even care anymore if it's incompetence or disdain for anyone who still happens to be listening. What do they care that people forked out a lot of money.
    We know that is not your fault Velogal, but we wanted it said, and the PL guestbook only do adoring comments.
    Your blog is real good. You come across as a fun, down-to-earth person. We love your cycling- and behind the scenes reviews.
    Keep up the good work.

    Austin TX

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 4:32 PM  

  • Thank you for your honest comments, Austin TX. I'm sure that some folks will be pissed off, but you bring up some comments that I've heard quite a bit, and some that I have thought, myself, with your assessment of the shows. To be honest, I have received many private emails along the same lines...
    I would like to see the LA show have some plannning, some solid content and some solid interviews of guests, not just unstructured phone or in-person conversations... I'd like to see them take the radio show and us listeners seriously.

    By Blogger velogal, At 5:07 PM  

  • Saturday Night Live without Sheryl to make the show worth watching? And it's not because I'm a bloke either. My wife is rolling her eyes too.
    I would not hold your breath for viewer's ratings.

    John M.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 1:19 AM  

  • I had been a casual racing fan after living in Europe for a while, but I also taught with Sheryl for a little while so I took a real interest in the TDF in the last years. I listened to the radio show a few times, but always felt that they did no show prep and it was just another way to earn a few bucks and keep your name out there. I do respect Lance for his cancer work and always will, but it seems to me as an armchair shrink that since Sheryl has left his life that he as lost a bit of a serious tone and I really felt it had the tone of a boys gone bad episode and was rather sophmoric in tone. I hope he does so more show prep and respects not only his racing fans but his fans of his work with cancer.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:14 PM  

  • Some people are forgetting that Lance never had much time for being a teenager or going to college to have parties. He was on his bike winning races people. He always had to be serious and focus. I say Lance can do what the hell he likes. It doesnt change my feelings for what he does. I actuaaly prefer it like. Lance and Sheryl were fantastic together.It didnt work out, so maybe some people should drop that as well.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 2:29 AM  

  • Yeah that's just the problem, he can do whatever he likes. The hell with who gets hurt in the process. It's getting to be a pattern. Me me me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 5:51 PM  

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