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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Went spinning this morning, so got back for the last 30K of the Tour de Suisse on Was good to see that Jurgen van Goolen has recovered from his early season crash and is looking good. He hung in with the breakaway and ended up mano-a-mano with Morabito of Phonak in the last kilometer, but the Phonak guy took off and left Jurgen twelve seconds back for the win. Looked like Jurgen just pooped out right at the last minute. But a second on the podium is very cool for Discovery Channel. My Iron Man, Eki, also thinks that second or third on the podium is very good, but for many racers, it’s not anything to be happy about. It’s either winning the top spot or you’ve lost.

Lots of T-Mobile color on the front in the final kilometers - it looked like they might be planning on setting up for Jan to take the stage. However, he didn’t go for it on the final small climb before the finish, so he came in 6th, I think. Triki Beltran came in 9th - he’s climbing real well lately. I think he’ll be doing the Vuelta Espana instead of the Tour this year.

For Bay Area fans of Sheryl Crow - her tour is going to include a performance at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View on October 1st. Heads- up for tickets - they’ll go fast! I’m hoping that she’ll let me do some photography there. She liked my shots that I took of her Austin concert last Fall.

Just got an email from saying, “ We are pleased to announce that this weekend, we will bring you another double header of racing. On Sunday, the Tour De Suisse will be followed immediately by the Pro Tour Team Time Trial from Eindhoven. The Team Time Trial will be shown live on and Premium. We will also bring you the news as part of the broadcast.” They are also mysteriously saying that they will have major tour (no capital T) announcements soon. Hope they mean Tour and that they are going to partner with OLN to bring us the Tour de France live... Wouldn’t that be awesome?


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