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Friday, June 16, 2006

Love the stuff I get to see on Today in the run-in of Tour de Suisse Stage 7, Oscar Freire was in the breakaway group with Matt White and Salvatore Commesso (can’t remember if Rogers was still with them or had been dropped). It had been raining and the roads were wet and slick. The riders came to the last round-about - the other guys went left, but Freire bunny-hopped (at 30mph) a curb onto the center meridian, crossed it in a flash, then bunny-hopped back on the road to go right on the round-about. He had a close call with a race vehicle that also went right. Hoo-ha - How wiley was that? He gained several seconds to win the stage, with a look back and a huge grin. The guys called it a “dodgy finish”, but I don’t see how it could be controversial. But let’s wait and see....

GC remained the same, Koldo in yellow again (Nah, the show ended before I could see if he gave the podie gals roses again), and both Ulrich and Jaksche gaining a few seconds.

Got the press release from PJ Rabice about the Discovery Channel Team Tour de France roster. As you may already know, the roster is: George Hincapie, Yaroslav Popovych, Paolo Savoldelli, Jose Azevedo, Egoi Martinez, Pavel Padrnos, Viatcheslav Ekimov, Benjamin Noval, and Jose Luis Rubiera. Reserves are Vladimir Gusev and Michael Barry. The only surprise to me was Noval - I had heard that he was not on the short list for the Tour. But he has been riding real strong lately, so he earned his spot.... Nobody can say that he doesn’t ride his heart and legs out at the Tour to support the leader, so good on him.... I’ve seen both Benjamin and Pavel come in at the end of a tough Tour stage, and their suffering is written all over their faces, but never a word of complaint - no whining from anyone on that team. Great bunch of guys....


  • So very glad that Eki will be there.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 4:15 PM  

  • I agree with Ann, it is a great Tour with Eki, mullet and all.

    By Anonymous Joan, At 5:47 PM  

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