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Monday, June 19, 2006

Have you read Lance Armstrong’s letter to the IOC yet? He really lays it on the line in asking for what Fox Australia calls a “pound of flesh”. He clearly asks for sanctions for everyone and particularly against Dick Pound. Lance says that Pound is a “recidivist violator of ethical standards. His conduct in this matter is completely reprehensible and indefensible”. Lance asks that Pound be removed or suspended. The Paceline has Lance’s explanatory letter and a link to his IOC letter in pdf format. Follow the Link below to go there.

So how cool is it for us Americans to see that CSC’s Tour team has three guys from the USA? Christian Van de Velde, Dave Zabriskie and Bobby Julich. Discovery Channel has one guy: George Hincapie. By the way, the individual photos of the Tour team by Al Bello are super fine - with the blue background and the determined, don’t-mess-with-me direct looking at the camera. Sweet to see some real professional camera work...

I see that Toyota United made their presence known at the Nature Valley race - Ivan Stevic took the final stage, and Stefano Barberi held the Young Rider’s jersey for the first four stages. Health Net did their usual fine winning style. Hendy (Greg Henderson) is looking so good after his crash recovery. My friend, Caroline Yang,, has some really find shots of the race on

Discovery Channel Team came in second at the Eindhoven Team Time Trial. I was working on a photography project that morning, and took time out to watch the last stage of the Tour de Suisse on I was going to watch Eindhoven about 45 minutes later, but I got so engrossed in my project that I forgot to tune back in to!

Looks like I will be working on the Tour of Utah in August. G4 Productions will be doing the technical stuff for the race - sounds I may be working with them on the event. Maybe some other stuff, too... Stay tuned.


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