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Friday, April 22, 2005

All Weather Hell broke loose in the Georgia mountains this afternoon. I was in Dahlonega and the sun was shining one minute - the next it was pouring rain, hailing, heavy winds, with thunder and lightening. It just trashed the whole Expo area - tents were blowing down the street, umbrellas were turning inside out and merchandise got soaked. I took a bunch of pics and put them up in the smugmug gallery.

The teams rode thru it all, getting pelted with rain, wind and hailstones, and only being able to see a couple of feet in front of them. It was truly shitty weather to race in! But, I don’t think there were any crashes - we were all holding our breaths. While they were suffering, I was in my favorite little cafe in Dahlonega - its called The Dessertery, or something close to that. They have the best Apricot Chicken Salad and Tomato Basil Bisque. They make their own bread, too. Yummm! But, hey, I got a little wet when I went out to take my pics... Almost got whacked in the head by hanging pot of ivy that came sailing along in the wind like some low-flying space being.

Tomorrow, I have to get up early to head for Brasstown Bald with another photographer - she has a media sticker for her car, and I don’t. So I am following her to the bottom of the mountain in my car, and then hitching a ride to the top with her. It will be a zoo, and the Georgia State Patrol doesn’t let cars up to the top, so the traffic jams are horrendous. I am staying at a cheap, cheap motel in Blairsville tomorrow night, so no wifi available for sure. If I can get to the media center, or find a hotel lobby or parking lot with wifi, you’ll hear from me. If I can’t - sorry!

Pics are up in the smugmug gallery for stage 4...


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