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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

OMG - Talk about tough! Leif Hoste seriously crashes in Paris-Roubaix, gets back on the bike and finishes 33rd in the race.... Now we hear that he fractured his sternum and punctured his lung!! And still finished the race. Unbelievable - he’s gonna have to have a tube stuck in his lung to removed some blocked air, and he’ll not be racing for quite a while. I can’t believe that he finished riding - Jeeze... And Mike Creed is down with some kind of fatigue thing - he’s laying low until they can figure out what’s wrong.

Well, the Morgan Hill Grand Prix was just one fine race. Kudos to Specialized and the race organizers - they did a great job! The Hill reminded me (and many other folks) of the Cat’s Hill in our Los Gatos Cat’s Hill Crit - it will be on May 7th.

I was delighted to see Dave Zabriskie entered in the race and boy, did he hold his own, solo, against teams like Webcor. He said he knew that he had to get out in front and stay there, and he sure did. That guy is one fine, talented racer. He and his girlfriend, Randi, are great people, too.

She and I were talking about his crash in Redlands, and I went to the hospital with them. The only way that I could get in, to be support to Randi, was to say that I was Dave’s mom. Randi was pretty freaked, and wanted me there, so we just stretched the truth a bit. I was with them for several hours in the emergency room, waiting for a diagnosis of his head and facial injuries. The only funny thing that happened that whole tense time was that, after a couple of hours, the phone in the room rang - the nurse answered it, looked straight at me and said, “David’s mother is on the line.” I, without batting an eye, said, “Oh you know, sometimes we have several mothers, don’t we?” She just smiled... So now I am known as Z’s “other mother”.

So these daily bits may be somewhat erratic while I am at Sea Otter, and will for sure be at night. Then at Georgia, I’ll just have to do the best I can to get on the Net. Are there Starbucks in Georgia? If so, I can catch wi-fi there, or maybe they will have good connections in the Press Rooms....

And, again, a heads-up that I am changing my email address to velogal at There was too much confusion with using thevelogal with a yahoo address. Somebody else had almost the same address and mail was going to the wrong place, etc. Of course, my Zone Alarm firewall is giving me grief about signing in to gmail from my home PC - OK on my laptop - go figure.


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