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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Every year, I am just awed by the efficient teamwork here at the Sea Otter - the staff and crew create an entire village, plus construct venues for amateurs and pros: Gravity competitions, Road Racing, MTB, Mountain Cross, Super Cross, Dual Slalom, Dirt Jumping, kid’s events, fun rides, just to name a few... Preparing the courses, fencing, signage, food, water, officials, announcers, radio communications, safety and security, power and porta-potties, managing a huge fleet of vehicles, erecting a huge tent village in the expo area, recruiting and placing volunteers - the list goes on and on.

Everyone on the different crews knows exactly what their job is, and how to do it. We come together from disparate locations across the country and meld into an instant cohesive team. Rick Sutton and Frank Yohannon bring back the same well-seasoned crew and staff every year. And, yes, we are top-notch... What do I do? I recruit, coordinate and place the road course marshals for both the amateur and pro road races.

This Sea Otter event isn’t just a celebration of the bicycle - it’s a celebration of an awesome group of hard-working people who create a cycling miracle out in the middle of nowhere. You wouldn’t believe the hard work that goes into the making of the Sea Otter every year. And, speaking of hard work, standing ovations are appropriate for the over 700 volunteers that are absolutely essential for the existence of this event. Come on down and check us out... Go to the link below for info..


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