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Thursday, April 21, 2005

The TT in Rome started at The Darlington School - Boy, was there a turnout of students and staff. It looked like a junior high school, and the kids were totally stoked. They had balloons, a band and food concessions, and Maxxis had the top BMX stunt guys doing their thing on a ramp in the parking lot. I hung out and took a ton of photos - but, in spite of myself, there was a telephone or power pole in too many of my shots. Dammit - the same thing happened in Redlands. Not great photography with junk like that showing. The DK BMX Stunt Team was totally cool and totally good! They were so tattooed and I could just see the teachers wincing - the kids loved ‘em...

At the bus, I was inside the yellow tape, so was right beside the guys - ended up standing about three feet from Lance when he was the last DC guy left to go. He was laughing and joking, and giving College a bad time about the latest bus boo-boo. I took a couple of shots of this big ole rip near the back wheel. I gave College a hard time about it, too. He told me that I could have his job as a bus-driver...

It was so funny, Jason came out and warmed up first on his TT bike - the students thought he was Lance and went nutz. On kid from Texas (I guess) had cowboy hat and a Texas flag that he held upside down. College was hollering at him to get it right, but the kid didn’t know the difference. The guy was sitting on someone’s shoulders and was hollering his head off. One little girl was begging and pleading for Lance’s autograph - he threw his cap to her and she just went into orbit - she was yelling and screaming and laughing and jumping around.

Things are going to be pretty low-key around the team bus next year, I think. It’s sure not gonna be the same chaos and energy from the fans. Even though it started raining, all fans just stood their ground, hoping to be the selected ones that got a signature. Lance went over to the fans and walked down the line, giving more autographs than I’ve ever seen him sign before at one time.

It was wet and messy for the TT, just like in Besancon - I think the team rode pretty gingerly - they’ve had too many crashes already this year. I heard that Benoit went down in Fleche Wallone yesterday, but haven’t heard yet how he is... We gotta save those bodies in one piece and in good shape for the Tour and Number 7!!


  • ive read your blog a few times since ive seen you at the TdG. i pretty much knew who you were when i saw you. anyway that crazy kid screaming for lance at the TT, there is a pic of himm in my photo albumn from the TdG at the following link
    . it was funny seeing "i love lance" written on his chest. what was funnier was the way he did it.
    the first line was "I (heart)" second line "LAN" and the third line was the "CE" because it wouldnt fit on the first 2 lines. hope you enjoy the pic.

    By Anonymous brandon, At 11:39 AM  

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