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Thursday, April 14, 2005

A beautiful day here at Sea Otter! Very mellow and the big crowds have yet to arrive. We had a great group of volunteers today, and this is gonna be a fantastic event.

I was happy to see Trent Klasna here - he’s looking fit and relaxed since his retirement. Says he doesn’t miss racing at all - he was ready to be finished after sixteen years. He is really a nice guy and has always been a favorite of mine. Speaking of favorites, my buddy Frankie Andreu is here with OLN - we’re gonna see a lot of cycling this year on the telly.

I wandered around the Expo a bit and ran into a lot of folks I know. The LAF has a LiveStrong booth and I chatted with a couple of staffers from Austin. I talked cycling talk with Pete and Amy from VeloNews and got my first look at “Inside the Postal Bus” - I was like a little kid looking thru each page for the photos that I shot.

For the Prologue TT on the track, I was designated to be the person who stands in the middle of the course just before the finish line, and sends the racers to one side for the finish line and the team cars to the other side. I do great arm pointing and gestures, but the very first woman rider was heading down the chute, but at the last minute, she veered over and went on the car side... I was yelling at her, but she didn’t move over. I don’t know - I had told each of them on their warm-up laps which side they would finish on... Beats me...

Tomorrow is Amateur racing down in Fort Ord all day, and I gotta get up about 4:30 am. So, Goodnight All...


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