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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Here we go again...Song of the WADA - second verse: same as the first. Now it is Patrik Sinkewitz from T-Mobile. Has the Cesspool at Chatenay Malabry struck again? Is that where the testing was done? I kinda think so...

His A sample results released to the press, with the non-specific information, only that the testosterone level was something like six times normal. That kind of result is nearly impossible, from what we’ve read with the Floyd Landis situation. And they have not even tested the B sample yet. But Sinkewitz, who is in a hospital awaiting surgery from his accident with a pedestrian at the Tour, is now tried, convicted and condemned, not only by the Media, but by his own team management...

And German television has immediately stopped their telecasts of the Tour.. McQuaid is already talking about Sinkewitz giving back his salary, Stapleton is talking about what they did wrong, and the Media is reporting that T-Mobile may pull their sponsorship... Thumbs down to Bob Stapleton, who is showing no support for his T-Mobile team guy at all.

All I can say is thank God we don’t hang the guys who dope, or poor Sinkewitz would already be dangling from the end of a noose... Lynch mobs in the South didn’t care if the guy (usually black) was guilty or innocent, did they? Now the guy is symbolically lynched in the Media and it is usually a cyclist at the end of the rope.

Every rider left in the Tour should be should be shit-scared that if they are tested, they will get some off-the-wall result that will be the death of their career.. Nobody is immune from shoddy and inept testing, and antiquated, poorly-operated equipment, by poorly trained “technicians”.

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  • no, the sample was tested in cologne not in france. it was a out of competition test from the german nada.

    By Anonymous braden, At 12:06 AM  

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