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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Here we go again with the usual Tour frenzy, however, it seems rather subdued, in spite of the media’s attempts to infuse everything and everyone with doping crap. And, as usual, press writers who don’t know their arse from a hole in the ground write about the Tour without doing their homework.

My favorite stupid headline, written after the Prologue, was: “ Hincapie Disappointed, But Not Defeated”. I received so many Google Alerts for that headline that I don’t know who was the original author. Yeah, a real Tour expert journalist wrote that one. It was the Prologue, dummy! Jeeze, “not defeated” - Like this was a major telling incident of the Tour, and an ominous indicator of the outcome for George Hincapie.

The other headline was from a newspaper, I think maybe it was in Charleston, and the writer called it La Tour...

So the Discovery guys look great in the new Go Green theme jerseys. Sure makes it easier to spot them in the peloton. Of course, there is the to-be-expected buzz that the green color may be an indicator of the 2008 sponsor. And the AMD logo is the prime candidate, but that is a whole lotta bucks for the sponsorship for that Silicon Valley company. It would be great to have the hub here, but I don’t know... The other speculation is a sponsor in China, and the team is scheduled to race there for the first time... Fuyu Li, the pride of China, could be bringing more to the team than his racing skills.

In Stage 1 today, Robbie McEwen hauled A at the last minute to take the sprint. That guy came out of nowhere and was flying. I don’t think he was carbon neutral in that sprint - He was smokin’. Was especially surprising since he had just been knocked arse-over-teakettle by another rider as he was standing by his bike with a mechanical. He seemed to be having a bit of trouble with his wrist afterwards. He’ll need it for his sprint tomorrow after a totally, pancake-flat stage.

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  • Robbie is like a miniature pit bull. He's tough.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 12:37 PM  

  • Thanks Ann, I never could put my finger on what Robbie reminded me of. Pit bull is the PERFECT discription. I love the overheads of Robbie's sprints.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 5:27 PM  

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