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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fireworks last night, and expect more fireworks when the USADA decision about Floyd Landis is announced on Friday. This particular display is called Smiley Face in pyrotechnic speak. I hope we will all have smiling faces after the announcement, but honestly, I’m scared... There’s just too much good ole’ boys CYA and corporate CYA involved here to maintain hopes that Floyd, or any other rider, will be given a fair shake. I so hope I’m wrong and a rotten pessimist. I actually did a typo and originally wrote “pissimist”, and Jeeze, maybe that’s a better word...

And, will we suddenly see a Le Creep sensational leak about the findings? Or maybe nobody at USADA wants to be paid off in Euros? Or Le Creep doesn’t have any buddies there? Or USADA actually has control to prevent “anonymous sources”.

Anyway, I am so lucky to have a good friend whose boss is in charge of all the pyrotechnics at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, here in California. We got to go into the restricted area and shoot fireworks from about 30 yards behind the launching area. It was so awesome to be that close! I had one camera on a tripod with a remote release, and handheld another camera. Looking up through the lens, it looked like the fireworks were falling right on our heads. Hopefully, I’ll find time to put up a few shots in my Smugmug gallery, but remember this was my first serious attempt at shooting fireworks.

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  • I'm with you, I do not have a good feeling at all about the outcome of Floyd's hearing. USADA is NOT for the athletes. Floyd there are many praying for you and many more believing in you.

    By Anonymous Joan, At 11:33 AM  

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