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Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Floyd Landis hearings are over, and it’s time for a Standing Ovation for Rant, TBV, Bill Hue, and the crew for their hard work and dedication to the public truth. We were hanging onto every word..Thanks a zillion, guys - next best thing to being there.

Thumbs up for the Landis team for a brilliant job of presenting the facts, and exposing a shameful cover-up all the way from the techs at the Cesspool to the top honchos at WADA and USADA.

Thumbs down and shame to USADA and their hired attorneys, who cared nothing for truth, ethics and integrity. Their win-at-any-cost strategy was disgraceful and appalling. Their desperate focus on that unfortunate incident, by a stupid member of the Landis team, and their attempt to turn it into further character assassination of Floyd was pathetic. Trying to turn what Floyd wore to the hearings into more character assassination gave us a window into even more cheap, two-bit tactics - distract from the facts when they're not in your favor...

And more thumbs down to USADA for the small fortune that they spent on hiring outside attorneys while their highly-paid, in-house attorney sat it out. And a huge thumbs-down for their very revealing, farcical perversion of their own Mission Statement in this hearing.

Excerpts from the USADA Mission statement on their website:

β€œTesting: A major goal in testing is to achieve quality and consistency in the collection process and prompt, efficient handling of results.

β€œResults Management: USADA's adjudication process was designed to eliminate the conflicts of interest inherent with the involvement of National Governing Bodies (NGBs) in prosecuting and sanctioning their own athletes, and to simplify procedures and reduce the time and financial burdens associated with appeals.”

Shame on you, USADA...

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  • Hey Velogal, thanks for the compiments on TBV's coverage, but we're not all guys!!

    Paula ( Roundup gal)

    By Blogger strbuk, At 9:13 AM  

  • Hey Paula -
    I use the word "guys" in a gender-free context - it's generic for "people" to me, not meaning just males....

    By Blogger velogal, At 9:48 AM  

  • Velogal,

    Well said. And thanks for the props.

    - Rant

    By Blogger daniel m (a/k/a Rant), At 11:42 AM  

  • I sent the following statement to both of my Senators and my Representative. I encourage all US Citizens to do the same. It's really the only weapon we have against the outright tyranny and incompetence of the USADA. After all, why should we pay their salaries...for this?!
    Subject: Please cut-off funding for the USADA

    Dear Senator Chambliss,
    I am completely appalled by the outright political corruption and utter lack of scientific, procedural and due-process controls that are in place at the US Anti-Doping Agency.
    Please cut off any funding for this organization until they completely reform their policies and procedures, which should include the following:
    - American standards of justice including innocent until proven guilty and due process.

    - Testing laboratories must not confirm their own adverse findings. If one testing lab finds sample "A" to be positive then a DIFFERENT testing lab would be required to test sample "B", with two labs being randomly chosen for the "B" sample test. One lab would get dummy control samples and the real sample while the other lab only got dummy samples. No lab would know who the other testing labs are and no one would know who was testing the real sample until after testing was completed. None of the three labs in question could know who the other testing labs were and none of the labs (or at least "B" sample labs) should know for which sport the samples are from. The athletes could still have representatives present for "B" samples, but they would have to keep the athlete and sport anonymous (transporting athletes representatives to the testing location would be at WADA expense).

    - Research and enforcement arms of the anti-doping efforts must be separated. All government grants would have to go to testing labs and scientists through a channel completely independent of WADA and anti-doping enforcement agencies (e.g. USADA) with the existing agencies only paying for the actual testing they have preformed. This must be done to eliminate conflicts of interest.

    - All testing procedures and testing methods must be validated via a true scientific peer review processes.

    - All substances on the banned substance list must have been proven via true scientific peer review to either be a performance enhancing substances or masking agents.

    - Illicit leaking of test results to the press must be criminalized.

    - Doping by athletes must be criminalized with all prosecution going through the criminal justice system.

    - Athletes and their legal teams must be allowed full and normal rights of discover for criminal cases including deposing lab testing officials prior to their case.

    - Athletes must be allowed to employ individuals from testing labs not directly involved with testing their samples as expert witnesses.

    Gregg Dickson

    By Blogger Gregg Dickson, At 12:05 PM  

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